Learning Platform

Business challenges

Our services are being used by Denmark’s most prominent private software and systems company. We have significant international partners, and our solutions are sold to customers in 47 other countries. They provide software and system solutions for customers in the healthcare, defense, law enforcement, and finance sectors.

After a Danish law change, all Danish public libraries must be digitally digitized. The challenge was faced. They needed to create the most current system compliant with all the latest municipal and national requirements. This project consisted of building a platform to keep track of student progress and provide a comprehensive overview that can document requirements according to Danish educational goals and objectives.

Our solution

Our solution is tailored to students’ and teachers’ daily work lives. It is also intended to give school administrations and management compelling insights and overviews. The primary relationship structure between course objectives, curriculum objectives, and evaluation features serves as a basis. The student plan automatically collects the student’s results after they have completed a course. This allows them to simultaneously display the essential elements of student learning in two separate charts.

The platform was created in close collaboration with educators who deeply understand Danish teaching practices. The platform can be summarized as follows:

  • The most current system is designed to meet all requirements of Danish schools.
  • Smart, intuitive functionality with an attractive design that enhances usability
  • Optimizes the use of existing systems with easy integration – Provides a compelling overview and time savings for users.
  • This book was developed in collaboration with educators who deeply understand teaching practice.

Establishment of a team

Most of our projects embrace Agile methodologies. Most often, our customers or partners request that we use Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban) right from the beginning of a project. Our engineers make the final decision. We carefully review the project details and recommend the best project management method based on Scrum and Kanban.

Our development team is comprised of 12 developers. They are divided into six frontends, five backends, and 1 QA. We also have a development team at our client site. When necessary, we work closely with the Infrastructure and Client Service Teams to provide tech support and maintenance.

Architecture & Technologies


We use the most recent software technologies. Architecture is built on micro-services concepts. Frontend and backend communication is done using RESTful calls. All of our applications are delivered as Docker containers.


  • Java8, JEE7 (EJB, CDI, JPA, JAX-RS)
  • Docker
  • Maven, Postgres, Elasticsearch
  • ES2015 with Babel6 – JS flavor
  • Angular 1.5 with component-based architecture
  • Material with angular properties
  • Webpack – Build system
  • Karma with Mocha and Chai – Unit tests
  • Protractor – e2e tests