A MOBILE APP – Improving Health and Reducing the Cost of Benefits to the client

The global leader in the field of health and benefits consulting. They provide innovative solutions to clients in more than 130 countries. They are an innovator in digital healthcare solutions, providing insights and creating platforms that allow companies to keep up with their employees’ evolving welfare and health needs. The company helps clients implement programs that improve employee health and well-being while also managing their healthcare benefits costs which have been rising in recent years.


According to the company’s research, employees are increasingly looking for customized health and wellness tools. Although consumer willingness to share their personal health information with technology companies has declined between 2018 and 2020, the company found that most employees trust their employer to protect their health information. Another study shows that consumers are more willing to share their health information with technology companies than health care providers or insurance companies.

Their research on employee satisfaction revealed that patients value patient-centered healthcare solutions. Most employees would be willing to test a digital health tool that could make healthcare more convenient, personalized, and accessible.

Employers are increasingly looking for ways to reduce medical costs and include wellness programs in their plans. This drove employers to create new offerings. The clients who started to incorporate wellness programs in their benefits packages reported a decrease in absenteeism, medical costs, and increased employee satisfaction.

The company was looking to develop a mobile app for health and wellness that clients could add to their employee benefits plans. It allows employees to choose high-quality, low-cost healthcare providers and options tailored to their individual healthcare needs. You will also find personalized suggestions to help you stay healthy based on your health information.


Blutechnosoft worked with the client’s stakeholders and the agile delivery team to manage the Experience Analyst effort. We created user stories, visualizations, data analysis, and technology assessments to help the team build the solution. The study included a prioritized backlog, technology roadmap, and user stories. This allowed the delivery team to scale up from 3 to 12 people to ensure that the application was available sooner.



Implanted a new user story framework that was clear and easy to follow for developers while maintaining a 100-story backlog.


Led Agile transformation in order to better enable the team to adapt, scale, and deliver the business’ desired results on a quick timeline.



Reduced stakeholder churn and back-and-forth to minimize rework that was slowing down the global team.



Streamlined business decision making, prioritized a backlog. and create a tech roadmap to bring products to market fast


We could simplify the project approach, reduce stakeholder churn and reduce rework through our efforts. We created a user story framework that was simple to understand and organized, validated, and prioritized 100 stories. We also managed and validated working sessions with stakeholders and developed and implemented a technology assessment matrix. We were able to:

  • Rework and less back-and-forth among the global team
  • Reduced time spent in meetings rehashing or revisiting decisions from earlier sessions
  • Business decisions making made more efficiently
  • A larger group could have delivered a body of work.
  • The team was able to adapt to the stakeholder priorities and deliver results.