Banking and Finance

Business challenges

The customer of our service required a tool to handle the various aspects of a prepaid card to cover business expenses, thereby aiding companies in managing the cost of their business more efficiently.

The application targets businesses who want employees to pay for corporate expenses only and have a precise analysis and control over costs.

Our solution

We have developed an application with different user interfaces that work on mobile and the web. Each service is supported with a set HTTP-based web service. The system provided high availability, no downtime during releases and maintenance, and PCI DSS compliance.

The program included:

  • issuing cards for prepaid use
  • monitoring and reporting on transactions and tracking
  • managing the expense limit
  • The accounting departments monitor and approve the audits.
  • completely PCI compliant storage of all credit card data

Team set up

We are adamant about Agile methods in most projects we work on. Our clients or partners often want us to implement Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban) from the beginning of the work. If our engineers decide, they carefully look at the project details. Then we suggest a project management method built upon Scrum or Kanban most appropriate to the project’s needs and context.

The team comprises six developers at our company’s headquarters: three backend developers, one frontend developer, and two testers. We collaborate closely with our Client Service and Infrastructure Teams, including project managers, sales, marketing, and design experts.

In all of our work, we operated flexibly and agilely. We held scrum meetings daily with sprints and demo releases every two weeks.

  • Architecture & Technologies
  • Architecture
  • Client-server architecture

Multiple clients:

  • Frontend (browser SPA written in Angular)
  • iOS mobile application
  • Android mobile app


  • Frontend: Angular, Grunt, Bootstrap
  • Backend Java 7, vert.x platform, Google Guice, Apache Jackrabbit JCR, Pentaho reporting engine, myBatis, PostgreSQL 9, JUnit, Mockito, Liquibase, XJ-WS and Camunda BPMN, Apple APNS, Google GCM, Maven, Git
  • Tools for developers: Jira, Jenkins, Github, Apiary
  • The DevOps team is related to Ansible
  • Certifications: PCI DSS