Android App Development: Basic Concepts

Are you interested in application development? Do you want to create your android app? If your answers to these questions are yes or yes, we have one more question for you. The question is: How difficult can android development be? The average number of developers for android applications has increased tremendously over the years. Today, more than 5.9 million people offer services in the area of android application development. Despite all these people offering this service, the IT sector is still in short supply. It would be great to learn how to develop android applications. But where do you begin?

How to Make Android Applications

There are three main, efficient ways to build your first Android application. Each method has its pros and cons, but all three work flawlessly.

Android App Builder

You can use the android app builder to drag and drop your application development. It is easy to create an app, and this can lead to poor outcomes. However, the benefits outweigh any disadvantages.

Learning Android Development

Learn android development to create an app from scratch and save money. You can also customize your application to suit your specific needs. It will take you a while to master Android application development, and it will take longer for your application to be developed and presented.

Hiring Android Development Experts

It is very competitive in the android app market, and making your application stand out in a highly competitive market can be challenging. You can hire android developers to create your app, and this option is more costly, but most of the time, it produces excellent results.

You can also choose to hire one programmer or an entire team. A whole group can bring more flexibility and expertise to the table. These are all essential for developing complex applications.

Steps to Android App Development Success

First Step: Learn how to create Android Programs

There are many options for android development languages, and only two are official.

Google recently made Kotlin the official Android programming language because of its efficiency. This language is easy to learn and master, making it great for beginners. On the other hand, Java is a universal programming language that allows endless software development possibilities. Although Java can be difficult to learn, it can push your creativity to its limits once you have mastered it.

You can use these resources to learn Java and Kotlin.

  • Official Google/Android Developers’ Website
  • Online academies include Udemy, Pluralsight, and JetBrains. Use the formats that best suit your work style and knowledge.
  • The Kotlin site
  • Use a tutor to learn and then read books.

Second Step: Download Android SDK & Android Studio Code

After familiarizing yourself with the official Android programming languages, it is time to move on to the IDE. The official IDE is Android Studio code (Integrated Development Environment for Android Development). Android Studio code is the best IDE for beginners, even though there are other options.

It comes with the software development kit, or SDK, which includes the excellent android studio code. The SDK consists of various software development tools, documentation, scripts, and libraries that will help you create your application quickly. You can also use the SDK emulator to test your application on an actual device, allowing you to optimize the production phase significantly.

Android Studio Code supports multiple programming languages. These include:

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • C++ et cetera

You can quickly build, test, and compile applications using Android Studio code and this programming language.

This IDE also features an excellent layout editor. You can drag and drop various User Interface components into this editor to create the perfect UI for users. Using the layout editor, you can also preview your layout on different screen types. Although you can still make your application using the IDE, this editor will save you a lot of time. This editor will allow you to launch your application faster and less stressfully.

3rd step: Get started on an Android Application Project

After you have installed all the tools and your IDE, you can begin to work on your app.

Android Studio Code makes it easy to develop android apps. You need to break down complex problems into more straightforward issues you can solve. After you’ve clicked “check,” select a template to use for your project. Before you choose a template, here are some things to consider:

  • Activity is simply the screen of your app.
  • “No-activity” is an application that starts with a simple file structure.
  • “Empty activity” refers to an application that begins with a white screen.
  • Last, “Basic activity” is an application that uses pre-coded navigation elements.

Once you have chosen the proper layout and activity, it’s time to name your development language. Also, you should select the minimum software development kit. Your application must be compatible with android ten or higher if you want to make your application available on Google Play Store.

You don’t need to worry about minimum SDK if you are developing an android app that serves as a study tool. However, if you are creating an application for the general public, you will need to invest more time in the software design process.

Fourth Step: Design your Application

A UI created by an android app without help can lead to an unprofessional appearance.

Avoid such an unfortunate situation by using the “material design to android” design system created by Google. Apps developed using the “Google” design system will have a familiar look and feel and a consistent UI across devices. Problems arise when you view the system from an adjustable angle, and you are limited in your customization options by the “Google” system. If you want a unique design that feels and looks great, you need to “rouge.”

Fifth Step: The App Development Process

Six major phases are required for application development.

  • Create a project
  • Defining your layout
  • Write your program
  • Your program’s design and operation
  • Test and debug your program
  • Publishing your program

You will need to code the app, then build it on a real or virtual device. Finally, you’ll have to test it for errors and publish it to the public. How difficult is it to create an android app? Yes and no. It all depends on how skilled you are and how much work you are willing to do during the development phase.


Android App Development is not just for people who want to be Android developers. This skill is precious in today’s world, and this skill can help you bring your ideas to life and share them with the world. This skill is also very versatile so that you can make a lot of money.

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