Cloud Migration Delivers a Host of Benefits for Facilities Management




Our client is a leading global investment and consulting firm that specializes in real estate. They cater to all sizes of organizations across all industries. Our client needed a cost-effective solution for hosting and a new application framework to support one of their large government agency clients. Their client required a solution to manage extensive documentation and financial and operational data for hundreds upon hundreds of facilities.


It was becoming increasingly difficult to manage the client’s application environment. Documents were stored in highly customized SharePoint sites. The infrastructure for the financial data application was almost 14 years old and was not capable of delivering new capabilities. Our client wanted to improve operational efficiency, speedy application and service deployments, and easier access for users to manage their documents.

The backlog of functionality needed in the financial data application was not feasible on outdated, proprietary infrastructure. The system had to be able to handle the cyclical nature and activity of data management. There were periods of high utilization followed by periods of peak activity at the quarter’s end.


Each phase delivered a key component of the solution. The work included a new architecture, cloud migration of SharePoint portals, and financial application to an Azure configuration. We also created an improved user experience for document management. Additionally, we implemented a new financial database framework that allows for data entry to be simplified. This will allow for further enhancements in reporting and analysis.


Clients can now enjoy improved availability, scalability, and a cloud-based environment that is centrally managed by Blu Technosoft and its cloud service provider. The client’s support budget has shifted from supporting an aging infrastructure to deliver new enhancements every quarter.