Custom Software Development services

Blu Technosoft Software Development Services?

We are a company that develops custom software development services that offers high-quality, customized software solutions to mobile devices and the internet. Our teams of software developers can design, develop, and then deploy software. They also aim to fulfill a set of predefined expectations.

The process of developing software involves many stages. These include gathering requirements and creating and designing systems that permit release iteratively.

Our customized software development services can be distinguished through their capacity to scale and durable products. We utilize quality engineering techniques to modernize our apps and follow principles of CI/CD and agile development when developing products.

application development

Application Development Services

Software tailored to your requirements and goals can help you attain maximum business efficiency.
system integration

System Integration

We provide software integration and customized services via our partnerships with technology-based platforms
Dashboards, ETL and BI Services

Dashboards, ETL and BI Services

Make sure your systems “talk to each other” to make your company more efficient and effective
Legacy Modernisation & Application Migration

Legacy Modernisation & Application Migration

We provide cloud migration solutions and review the technical architecture to ensure that your IT is up-to-date.
big data application

Big Data Application

Customized tools offer profound insight into your business through large-scale Big Data Processing.
Real-time Application Development

Real-time Application Development

You can use the power of technology like stream processing and sensor data monitoring to get immediate data response.

Below are the software kinds.

Enterprise applications using software

We design and develop software for enterprises to assist businesses like yours in their processes. The software is designed to meet the requirements of your clients. Blu Technosoft teams of developers design, modernize, upgrade and manage applications that speed up your workflows.

Our products are user-friendly solutions that help you automate and improve your business processes and offer complete satisfaction to customers. Various apps are available through our custom software development for enterprise services.

  • Enterprise Process Management (ERPs) and tools
  • Software for Customer Relationship Management (CRMs).
  • Software for Human Resources Management Software (HRMS)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS).
  • Asset Management Software

Industrial Software

Software products have specific features that satisfy the market’s requirements and include inventory management operations and financial administration. These solutions provide advanced features that aren’t available in ready-made solutions.

Discover the ways our software will aid you in beating your competition, improve business processes, automate them and improve productivity.

  • Software to facilitate financial transactions
  • KPI instruments for the law firms
  • Legal department dashboards
  • Systems for Business Intelligence
  • Tools for Logistics Industry Analytics
  • Software to help market research

Software solutions for special software development services.

This program is specifically developed to fulfill the particular requirements of your business. We are also committed to providing our customers with unique and unavailable solutions in the marketplace. You can get custom-designed solutions aligned with your core offerings, developed using cost-effective techniques that meet your budget.

  • Accounting software
  • Payroll Management
  • Software to manage assets
  • Software for managing databases
  • Systems for billing and inventory management for pharmaceuticals

Apps with a focus on the customer

Our goal is to create applications that are distinctive and give users a unique experience. This will allow you to establish an established brand image for your intended market. With a minimal design and quick-reacting features, you can take advantage of the versatility of B2C or B2B customer applications. In addition, you will have access to post-sales support, customer service, and streamlined technical support.

Benefits of working with Blu Technosoft

Get started on your custom software development project today using our hyper-focused process focused on user experience and creating highly efficient applications. We ensure a trustworthy and transparent partnership that can deliver high-quality and efficient solutions.

Custom-designed software

Blu Technosoft offers custom software development services that satisfy your company’s requirements. To improve the users’ experience.

Custom app data protection

We will help you select the appropriate technology, which technology to choose, and the best way to safeguard your information.

Understanding your company's goals

We can discuss your short-term and long-term goals. We can help you succeed by identifying your objectives and understanding the software you have in place.

Solution-oriented solutions

Architecture and design are handled systematically by us. We have prioritized the most critical areas to invest in early. We provide advice on data protection.

How Blu Technosoft Develops Custom Software Using Agile

Sprint plan

Sprint roadmaps are a collaborative planning process. Teams collaborate to define the issues and come to the same conclusion.

Tech architecture

Blu Technosoft convert monolithic software into microservices. Teams can move faster and independently by decoupling the program.

Stand-ups and demos every week

There are reviews and demos every week, and stand-ups ensure everybody is on the same page.

Code reviews

Before making code available review of code is conducted to find leaks of memory files, memory leaks, and performance issues.

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