It is a worldwide pharmaceutical company that provides comprehensive health solutions and aims to discover breakthrough solutions for diseases. With a particular focus on the development and research of novel medicines, they aim to understand the need of all people for healthy living. Just receiving FDA acceptance for their first medication similar to this in the US and the client needed an outside partner to ensure that they were ready for the launch.


There are many particular challenges faced by companies when introducing new technologies such as digital medicine. Although medical software development plays a major component of the process, to ensure an affluent and easy utilization of this technology, companies must take into account everything that happens behind the scenes, such as:

  • the sheer number of elements that are involved
  • the complexity of transactions between multiple entities
  • absence of established processes and user-related history
  • Inability to see the failure points of adoption and operational strategies
  • instability of new technologies

Our client wanted to figure out the best method for testing the digital experience of digital medicine in real-world flow from all angles and improve their ability to go live.


Blu Technosoft offered an innovative solution that would enable the client to evaluate the user experience of any user role starting with onboarding, through ongoing use and support, without having to engage any actual clients or service providers. We considered all possible scenarios and came up with a simulation test methodology that was specific to the needs of this client.


Although our client has successfully tested every component independently but needed assistance in understanding where these pieces interacted and the risks that resulted. In the course of using this digital medicine, many elements are interspersed at different locations. Blu Technosoft must identify these points, determine weak links, find those that have the highest chance of impact, and then determine the elements that should be evaluated before launching. Furthermore, the flow simulations were based on the experience of patients and providers rather than technology or medical practices, which allowed us to discover previously undiscovered obstacles to adoption for the patients and their providers.


The client relied on Blu Technosoft to discover potential pitfalls before the introduction of a new product. To do so, we:

Participated in sessions with business leaders to devise a plan that would allow us to identify weak points throughout the entire launch process. This meant we had to look at the distinct combination of businesses and technology, locations, locations, and processes, as well as roles and the timing needed to work together to create the best launch.

  • Created a simulation strategy and scenario set with evaluation criteria and expected outcomes.
  • The defined and led readiness initiatives that included participants from three companies, seven departments, and 12 roles.
  • The simulations were supervised and orchestrated on-site in real-time together with business partners and the participating companies.
  • The collected and arranged feedback of all parties involved
  • The final report was provided along with a risk assessment, and ideas for the coming stage of testing simulations


To provide seamless experiences for patients in patient-centered medical care, several components must work seamlessly in the wake of medical software development. The client expressed concern about the gaps in the flow of information and readiness for operation. We identified 13 essential items for pre-launch and seven post-launch action items that will ensure the continued success of the launch. Additionally, we identified 22 possible risks and suggested ways to reduce these risks. The simulations we conducted gave us more confidence in their ability to start the launch plan, which includes the next phases of the drug.


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