Hire BLU Technosoft DevOps Services & Consulting Experts

BLU Technosoft offers DevOps services that provide speedy applications onboarding and automation of delivery pipelines. Continuous integration and development of applications on the most popular cloud platforms.


Assessment & Planning

Experts carry out an exhaustive DevOps analysis using powerful tools for planning. They help to identify metrics that can be traced and develop an outline of the development of your startup application.


Pilot Framework Creation

Use and integrate existing tools to create an effective toolkit that will enable flexible delivery, increased operation effectiveness, and efficient and effective infrastructure.


Process Implementation

Blu Technosoft DevOps experts use analysis and design, automated methods, and other techniques to accelerate the execution of the DevOps implementation process.


CI/CD Pipeline

Continuous Integration, Continuous Development, continuous implementation, Continuous QA tests, and continuous deployment strategies to bridge areas in the DevOps gap.


Process Automation

Developers employ the latest automated tools that automatize all aspects of the process chain, including builds, quality inspections, testing QA, Quantity inspection, and many more.


Security Integration

Integrate security from start to end using the most sophisticated security software available. This will make sure that the security of your entire DevOps environment is secured.

BLU Technosoft DevOps Services

BLU Technosoft employs DevOps best practices, like automating processes, streamlining the development process, and infrastructure management to ensure quick and secure deployment of software.


Continuous Integration

All changes to code into a central repository and conduct tests to ensure quality. This will help find and fix bugs quickly, quality and performance, and reduce the time 


Continuous Delivery

We will push any code modifications into our QA testing environment that automatically creates tests, resulting in an artifact that can be utilized in a production release.



Developers use a set of smaller services that executes their internal processes and connect to other services via HTTP API. HTTP API.


Infrastructure as

Manage and control the infrastructure by using techniques of developing software and programming that incorporate constant integration and the control of versions.


Monitoring &

Evaluate the efficiency of the infrastructure by keeping track of metrics and logs, and logs as well as categorizing and analyzing the data created from the program.


Communication & Collaboration

Create strong norms of culture by sharing information, encouraging collaboration and communication, and bringing in the operational processes and development.

BLU Technosoft DevOps Services & Tools

BLU Technosoft utilized strong DevOps services & techniques and harnessed the strength of the top DevOps tools and technology that helped us reduce manual tasks and effectively manage the development process.

Source Code Control

Utilize tools for controlling the source code to share open-source projects and increase collaboration in shared repositories.

DevOps CI/CD & Configuration

The tools used to manage pipelines and CI/CD have been designed to guarantee continuous integration with delivery and deployment automated execution of processes.

Container Platforms

Utilize container orchestration tools to break up large products and applications into microservices running on containers.

Computing & Storage

For greater flexibility and speed, utilize top-of-the-line or multi-cloud cloud computing and storage platforms.

Automated Testing

Utilize powerful automated tools to increase testing quality without affecting the speed of deployment, development, or release.

Monitoring, Alerting, & Incident Response

The tools that monitor observability examine your infrastructure’s and application’s tracks of metrics, events, and other data to let you know about the state of the system.

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