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    Frequently asked questions

    Why choose BLU Technosoft as a platform for Application Development?

    At BLU Technosoft, we provide a range of application development services, including desktop, mobile, and web, which help you beat your competitors on the market. Importantly. BLU Technosoft is named the most reputable firm for application development within India by top websites like Clutch and Good.

    Do you and the Application Development Team have adequate knowledge?

    In the past decade, we have been involved in the IT business, and our dedicated App development team in India is extremely experienced. Our app developers are constantly up-to-date with the latest technology and techniques to solve complicated projects according to your specifications.

    How many customers reached for your Application design and development?

    BLU Technosoft has been recognized internationally due to its high-end development services. As of now, we have helped more than 200+ clients around the world. As a top software development company are ready to assist you.

    What are the reasons to choose Application Development Companies in India?

    Regarding outsourcing of application development, India is the most popular destination for business worldwide. For a customer, all you require is a secure, robust, reliable and scalable application to run your business. In India, We have skilled developers who can comprehend the client’s needs to provide top-of-the-line services. These are the main reasons to outsourcing application development services to India is more recommended.

    1. A very reasonable development cost.
    2. It is very simple to communicate.
    3. Highly committed developers
    4. Excellent results.
    5. Post-development support.
    How can you design an application?

    The process of developing an application is based on these steps: analyzing the complete requirements of the project, creating prototypes, adding custom features testing the Application on various platforms, and deploying and releasing the products.

    What programming languages do you and are the most popular for your team to develop applications?

    We at BLU Technosoft, within our development services for applications, make use of a range of open-source software and the most current development platforms. We utilize programming languages like PHP, Python, Java, .NET, JavaScript, and many more for web-based applications. For mobile application development, we use programming languages like Swift, Java, Kotlin, Objective C, etc.

    What is the cost of creating an application?

    We at BLU Technosoft we recognize that our clients have different ideas and expectations. The cost of development of applications is entirely dependent on various factors, including the use of technology, size of users and the size that the Application requires, as well as many others. We ensure that our prices are always affordable for top-quality development of applications.

    How long will it take to create an application?

    How long it takes to develop an application is dependent on many factors such as the platform used for development, the nature of the project, features and functions the developers have experienced and more. Reach us with your requirements for the project to find out the correct estimated time.

    Most importantly, at BLU Technosoft, we employ the agile development lifecycle method to build your project within the correct time frame.

    Are you able to create mobile-friendly apps?

    In the age of smartphones, the use of smartphones is growing quickly. BLU Technosoft BLU Technosoft has a deep understanding of the market and can assist customers by developing applications that are extremely compatible with various gadgets.

    Do I have the chance to review my Application while your team work on it?

    Of course! Why not? We continuously update each step of the development process our clients throughout the entire development process. This lets both developers and customers create the Application according to your needs.

    Do I need to meet with your team face-to-face before you begin work with me on the project?

    Well!! It is possible to do this based on the client’s location and availability. But, it isn’t required since we can conduct our communications through email, phone and Zoom/skype.

    Are there any hidden charges I should be aware of before getting in touch with you?

    At BLU Technosoft, we do not charge hidden fees. Our experienced application development company fully comprehends your needs and requirements and will provide you with the most accurate quotations available for free. After we have agreed on a quote, we adhere to it until the successful completion of the task.

    Do you offer post-sale or post-sale options to customers after you have delivered the Application?

    Yes, We at BLU Technosoft

    we are committed to maintaining good relations with our customers. Our dedicated app developers in India are available 24/7 to provide post-development support according to your requirements.

    Is it possible to obtain the source code from the Application?

    We are a top-rated firm for application development. We code with care. Suppose you contract your development project for Application to us. We will grant you full access to your Application, and when you have completed the project in its final form, We will provide you with the copyright to the source code.

    Do you have a Fixed time or dedicated price model for resources?

    We have multiple clients worldwide, which is why at BLU Technosoft, we offer two models to our customers. We select the most suitable model that meets the client’s preferences and requirements for the whole project.

    With a solid reputation for providing high-impact solutions across various industries and verticals, BLU Technosoft has emerged as a digital boutique in major cities worldwide. We offer hands-on experience on different technologies like iOS, Android, and wearable technology such as the Apple Watch. We are proud of every project we tackle and develop it specifically according to your company’s requirements.

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