Healthcare & Life Science


Business Challenge

The project recipient provides the healthcare industry with the latest IT solutions and the expertise to implement systems. They needed an integrated resource planning software (ERP) to facilitate daily operations.

The requirements of the healthcare industry are diverse and complex, from human resources to managing finances, compliance rules, Insurance payments for patients’ appointments, information about assignments, and materials required to track worker working hours, payments for employees, or the materials needed.

Our client was looking for a central software tool that could keep on top of its internal process and processes.

Our solution

We’ve developed a comprehensive and reliable healthcare ERP system to enhance efficiency by reducing time and costs. The SaaS (Software as a Service) solution is comprised of four major areas, and a variety of options:

  • Employees Management
  • The best employee for the job in question.
  • Flexible workers pool (can be divided among departments based on the need)

Agenda and Appointment

  • The planner assigns duties to the coordinator.
  • Plan, schedule/appointments, availability
  • Employees can assign their duties to employees.

Capacity Planning

  • Planned capacity, budget, and planning (resources provisioning concerning scenarios)
  • The optimal planning of the available workspace
  • Child-Care: Planning for children and their caregivers, taking into consideration the current laws

Financial Calculation

  • Administration of the benefits and payroll
  • Compensation and succession plan
  • Reporting

Team formation

We use Agile methodologies throughout the majority of the projects we work on. Most of the time, our clients want us to employ Agile methods (Scrum, Kanban) from the beginning of the work. If our engineers decide, we examine the specifics of the project and propose a management method based on Scrum or Kanban that is most appropriate to the particular project’s needs and context.

Our core team of seven people, including two backend developers, three frontend developers, and two QAs. They were close with our customer support team. As with all the projects we worked on, the group operated in a flexible, agile manner, and based on the stage of the project and its requirements, more personnel, were transferred to the project.

Architecture & Technologies


  • Single Page Web App
  • Three layers (FE, BE, DB)
  • REST + WebSockets
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Integration with various external systems


  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Java, Groovy, Vertx
  • Camunda BPM engine
  • PostgreSQL, Liquibase, MyBatis
  • Jasper ETL