This client represents a multinational company that is a conglomerate of pensions that moved into the transportations industry some time ago through the acquisition of a toll road that was already in operation. With the advancement of technology within the field of transportation evolving, the client found themselves the owner of two web and mobile applications. The first one handles the routine tasks of buying a transponder toll and paying online tolls, and the other is a loyalty program created to reward users with more travel. Both gather various data that can be used to make intelligent business decisions to improve the quality of service to customers and profit.


In the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic that swept the world, communicating with customers became more important than any other year. Customers relied on mobile devices and web-based applications to deliver current information that informed the company of any changes to operations to ensure the safety of their users and keep the business running smoothly.

The transportation toll industry was transformed when offices closed, and many travellers daily were placed to stay at home with orders throughout the nation. Toll booths previously operated by toll-taker humans collecting cash tolls were forced to shut down. At the same time, many of the crucial workers had to travel to work but didn’t have credit cards that allowed them to pay online payment methods.

In addition, the over-the-road trucking business grew in popularity, requiring more trucks to use toll roads. However, road construction employees didn’t meet the job requirements and were home when the winter pothole season entered. These business facts led to the need for more effective virtual interaction with the customer.


To assist the client in providing their customers with real-time message updates on everything from closed lanes due to construction requirements to alternatives for cashless tolls, Blu Technosoft assisted the client in incorporating the messaging section on their current dashboard. The messaging team also provided an email option for traveling users, and those who stay at home could opt out until they return to the road.

The client also required an efficient and straightforward method to get feedback from users in these times of change that could also be valuable after the end of the pandemic. Blu Technosoft collaborated with the stakeholders to develop an option to survey users, allowing surveys to be sent, starting with a simple and quick survey to a more complicated form of the multi-page questionnaire. The existing app and only making minor modifications with the surveying and messaging tools were implemented in two weeks at an affordable cost.


The new features offered the client to hear the requirements of their customers. When the client began designing the messaging section of the application, reports of the pandemic suggested it could last for only a few months. However, as the epidemic persisted into the fall, the user could use this survey instrument to collect data from customers about a range of subjects. Based on the answers provided by customers on their thoughts regarding cash or cashless tolls, the client can make the right staffing choices and develop additional cashless alternatives to pay.

The answers to questions gathered from clients and the changes in travel data offer the data needed to make decision-making based on data about ever-changing travel patterns. As the season’s change and government guidelines and regulations change to reflect daily changes, clients can quickly inform users of their business activities. After the pandemic has ended, it will be capable of using the updates in the future. Investing funds in technology that can improve client communication is always recommended.


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