Although you might not have thought of that, health insurance companies are in fact software firms. They utilize software to provide clients with the ability to access the healthcare they require. They use the technology to assist patients establish and pay for their services. Our client is at the intersection of a variety of health insurance companies offering a variety of insurance options.


Our client is required to handle large quantities of data because of the large number of insurance providers who are connected to them. Unfortunately, there aren’t any standards for the industry to use with this type of data. Our client has to spend an enormous amount of time and money to convert the information from different payees into data they could make use of. They were looking for an application that could simplify the process.


Blu Technosoft has developed a system that lets our client:

  1. Use data from every source, in any format
  2. It is processed to use internally
  3. Transfer that information to other companies in whatever format they need

In essence, our client is the middleware for data. In order to achieve this, we designed an environment that could support dynamic data definition along with data acceptance processes and validation, storage of data, as well as transmission and output.


An Entity-Attribute Value (EAV) modeling is a well-known technique in the field of software however, it’s usually utilized incorrectly or not properly. This model was used successfully to allow our clients the capability to define any information they require to keep. They could also provide data acceptance rules and data could be provided to engines to manipulate or validate. Data can be converted into something that is more common and stored exactly as it was received or something between.


The acceptance guidelines are presented as regular expressions as well as dynamic query generation. Furthermore, engines can be added at any point to handle more data processing, like the comparison of current and previous data queries to databases, APIs, and so on. A solid import definition was developed to let the designer experiment with and test the data in real-time to create the outcome they want to achieve.


It is the data that’s stored within the EAV model, which allows for endless configuration. Each native type of data is feasible, however, we are also able to create new types of data using new rules to define the way they work. We save a complete history of any changes made to data type and also provide a “Time Machine” that allows any information from the past to be used for exporting or reporting. Our clients don’t have to save the old versions as we can make them available at any time.

Another aspect that we offer in the EAV design is the fact that we permit “overriding” of data. This feature allows users, teams, or departments can alter the data, and only make it available to them. This lets them test different scenarios and test different scenarios without impacting any other people.


We can produce reports and data similarly to the way we handle data. We developed an “Query Builder” to give access to all the data available, even for novice users. Similar to the import process, we can build engines that develop special processing processes that can be applied to any component. Then, we can send the data using different transmission methods as we choose.


Our client is currently implementing changes to how they would like their data to be processed; but, due to the ability of the new system to produce data in any format as well as the existing system’s ability to take information from the system. We just replicate each of the systems’ old data feeds and transmit it to the new system of data.

Alongside the output as well as output to applications that are not part of their organization The data system serves as a middleware system that lets the systems developed or brought in-house together, without re-inventing.

ABOUT Blu Technosoft

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