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Our Progressive Web App Devlopment specialists know how to use this mobile solution to create mobile applications that meet the needs of our clients.

What’s a Progressive Web Application?


A Progressive Web Application (PWA) is an app that can be made available online using popular web technologies such as React. Progressive Web Application (PWA) combines new web development tools with proven methods to create enjoyable and user-friendly user experiences.

Progressive Web applications are becoming more popular because they offer a native experience without developing native mobile applications.

The advantages of web-based apps and traditional mobile apps

Companies know that developing, testing, and maintaining apps for different platforms can be costly, especially if the apps were created for internal purposes to improve company processes. Gartner estimates that 20% of businesses will abandon native mobile apps by 2019. They are more likely to invest in Progressive Web Apps.

Here are more reasons why PWA is an excellent alternative for mobile and web-based apps:

Development costs: Most businesses choose to develop hybrid or web-based apps instead of native ones. Native applications are more costly. You can make a web app similar to PWA and have it compatible with all platforms your users use. You don’t have to manage two developers with different skills.

Distribution effort: By creating web-based apps instead of native apps, you don’t need to worry about maintaining backward compatibility or distributing binaries within your APIs. This is just one version of the app.

Poor conversion & Friction: Major application stores like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store can be used to resolve conversion issues and friction between Native and hybrid app problems. Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Customers must locate your app in the app store before they can install it on their phones. This can prove difficult if your app isn’t among the top 20 available in your region. You can also create an online landing page to get customers to sign up for your application. It is a tedious process and can be frustrating for users. They must go through the process: finding your app, clicking the “Install” button, and authenticating. Your conversion rates will drop by approximately 20% with each step. Progressive apps are more easily accessible. It is easy to find online or a link to it. After the process is completed, users can start using the app immediately.

Progressive web apps benefits

1. Cost reduction

A PWA’s cost to develop, test, and maintain is only a fraction of that of native applications. Businesses do not require two development teams, and they can also handle issues like the distribution of updates and binaries.

2. Focus on the quality

Progressive Web Applications enable companies to focus their efforts on one great application and not spread them across multiple platforms.

3. Excellent user experience

PWA is an excellent option for business apps as it offers a similar user experience to native apps. Businesses can also provide a more efficient UX by investing all their effort in building an app.

4. Native apps as reliable

PWAs will be accessible to all users who have content. Although the exact functionality of each application will vary, it is possible to create PWAs that work entirely offline.

5. Responsiveness

Progressive Web Applications can adapt to various screen sizes and orientations, ensuring everyone has the best possible experience. Responsive design is critical in improving user engagement and increasing conversion rates for digital products, and PWA can meet this requirement.

6. Security

PWA is a secure technology that requires apps to be served via HTTPS to work.

Do You Think Progressive Web Apps Are the Future of Web Development?

Web developers are looking for a responsive website design that displays the site on mobile devices without having to create a mobile-specific version.

Responsive web design cannot meet users’ needs who access content from multiple devices with different screen and window sizes. The responsive web design could not use progressive improvement to offer functions native to apps that could be accessed from any device. This is possible with the help of service workers, who provide various design options and the ability to respond.

PWAs are the future of web design since progressive apps have been its foundation.

  • This method allows you to manage change.
  • To increase user engagement, push notifications can be enabled.
  • You can work online and offline (as well in other states, like problems with networks).
  • It is easy to access.

These are the current PWA products on the market. All Android devices support PWA, and Microsoft is working on next-generation apps such as Outlook or Teams that use PWA. Apple added support for PWA to Safari 11.1 (iOS 11.3).

Hire progressive web app developers


Progressive Web Apps use cutting-edge technology to be widely used in many sectors. Successful Progressive Web Apps include those created for Lyft and Uber, Lyft, The Washington Post, and Twitter.

Our team has extensive experience developing Progressive Web Apps for clients operating in various sectors. Our team has the expertise to create a Progressive Web App optimized for performance and provides a user experience that supports your business goals. If you are looking to develop a Progressive Web App, we are the right team.

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