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Make your company stand out in the world of throat cutting competition by utilizing well-integrated, durable and reliable IT services provided through BLU Technosoft. A good service is the key steps to the outside success of any business among its competitors. BLU Technosoft is a good example. we are providing high-quality IT services with the aim of fostering a relationship with our clients over the long term. Join us to discover the secrets of the business’s success and technological advances:

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

We are proud to offer all sorts of software product development services in all major verticals of technology with tailor made modules.

Web App Development

Web App Development

Let your customers reach your business and avail your valuable services through a comprehensive web application development services.

mobile app development

Mobile App Development

Transform and mobilise your business anytime, anywhere with custom mobile app development services from Blue Technosoft.

Software Testing

Software Testing

we are trusted name in software testing domain due to the vast knowledge of our testers in automation testing, manual, black box and a lot.

Saas Development

SaaS Development

With increased competition of saas software developers and service providers across the IT industry, the pressure of margins is increasing.

api development

API Development

Programming Interface (API) is crucial to any software module, web solution, web application, plugin, or web sites etc.

Social Media App Development

Social Media App Development

The world has changed into a global village. The advent of social media networks has changed the way we communicate and interact.

application development

Application Development

You can build your custom applications for business by leveraging the latest technologies and take the lead of making your business travel an extra mile

ecommerce Development

Ecommerce Development

Tune into aesthetic, functionally perfect virtual stores with Blu Technosoft custom e-Commerce development services.

Application Maintenance and Management

Application Maintenance

We help teams run app maintenance, connect to business systems, and make data-driven decisions. Organize, track, and schedule your app maintenance activities with our custom solutions.

Cloud-Native Development

Cloud Application Development

we are the right cloud application development company for your business to guide in selecting the right cloud computing model; Public, Private and Hybrid cloud, that offers better experience.

Deployment Services

Deployment Services

Blu Technosoft’s software deployment specialists assess and assemble apps for all environments, effortlessly delivering new technology to end-users without the headache.

TV App Development

TV App Development

Smart TV app development services are constantly proving to be another platform to get engaged with by provisioning consumers with bigger screens showcasing its grandeur.



 We offers DevOps as a service, providing rapid application onboarding, delivery pipeline automation, continuous integration, and application development cross top cloud platforms.

Software Product Development

Software Product Development

We deliver world class products and reduce total development costs and time using a “factory” approach combined with a global engineering model, focusing on continuous productivity improvement.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

The world has changed into a global village. The advent of social media networks has changed the way we communicate and interact.

ui/ux design

UI/UX Design

We specialize in Brand-Marketing, Website & App Design & Development. Timely delivery & quality product without compromising is our forte.

database management

Database Management

Accelerate Your Data-Driven Transformation with a New Vision for Data and Infrastructure. Harness a New Architecture for Data with Unified DataOps.

Word Press Development

WordPress Development

The world has changed into a global village. The advent of social media networks has changed the way we communicate and interact.

Shopify development

Shopify Development

With 100+ Shopify Developers at your service – we, as a leading Shopify Development Company can help you build intuitive, sales-driven and robust online stores.


Digital Marketing

Strike out your entire digital marketing to-do list, break through your growth plateau and see profound ROI with a single team of digital marketing specialists.

Introducing a Modern

Modular Approach to Building Trust Into Clouds


Our development team for applications in India employs a systematic approach to deliver any project to our prestigious customers. We work under various models and let our clients decide what best suits their needs. Here is the process in general. Post-requirements-Project discussion feasibility-Selection of the best model-team deployment- Post requirements.


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Discuss the feasibility of the project


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Deploy Team


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