Smart TV App Development

Smart TV App Development

We are the intelligent Smart TV app development leader with more than five years’ experience. Get end-to-end innovative TV application development services for Apple TV app development, Android TV app development, Amazon fire TV app development, Chromecast app development, LG innovative TV app development, and more.

The world of TV has seen dramatic changes. Smart TV and wearables are the next big thing in technology since the introduction of smartphones. Blu Technosoft develops intelligent TV apps that meet your entertainment, media, gaming, food, and e-learning needs.

Connect with Blu Technosoft to transform your Smart TV experience.

When creating a Smart TV app, we are looking at factors influencing revenue, such as heightened User engagement and higher viewership. This will increase your chances of the app being a success in terms of user engagement and return on investment.

Launch unbeatable Smart TV Applications

Blu Technosoft helps you create Smart TV Apps that encourage binging and watching. We are a team that includes project managers, testers, developers, and designers. Our goal is to create Smart TV Applications.


Passionate Team

Our 250+ strong team includes highly skilled, innovative developers setting new standards in customer service excellence.

Impeccable Delivery

Our experience speaks volumes. We have released more than 2000 apps on different platforms

Unbeatable Experience

Our smart TV app development company has more than 13 years of experience designing solid applications.

Best of Both Worlds

Use the expertise of UX/UI designers based in Los Angeles and a programmer skilled in Noida.

Brands trust us

Our expertise in serving 700+ international brands will help you create unstoppable growth.

Multiple Platforms

To give your customers an unrivaled experience, our offerings include tablets, smartphones, desktops, and TVs.

Our Smart TV App development methodology ensures steady success.

We can help you develop your app and make it a feature-rich innovative television application. The app was developed on every central platform, including Android, Samsung Tizen/Orsay, and Roku. Our experience allows us to create the most efficient app for you.


Decoding Audience

We will conduct extensive market research to find potential customers for your smart television application and develop solutions to help them.


App Strategy

Smart TV experts will thoroughly understand your business requirements, capabilities & business model. We create a plan to deliver the most efficient app.


Design and prototyping

Our product and design team created a visually appealing sketch and an in-depth app story to match the Smart TV applications goals and purpose.


App Development

Our Smart TV app developers are skilled and use current methods to create apps that meet all your customers’ requirements.


App Testing

Our Smart TV app development company tests rigorously to ensure no bugs are left undone and provide the best possible user experience.


Maintenance and Go-live

Apps that pass the testing phase are approved by you and made available on the platform of your choice. Regular maintenance services are also offered.

Please take advantage of our top-of-the-line Smart TV app development services.

Smart TVs have revolutionized entertainment. The advancements in hardware and software technologies and the growing demand for intuitive and interactive software are driving this growth. It is growing and has been widely adopted. Blu Technosoft is a part of this revolution.


Smart TV App Development

Blu Technosoft offers a multi-platform Smart TV experience for top platforms such as Android, Google TV, LG, Sony, and Android.


Apps and Set-Top boxes

To create TV apps that meet your customers’ needs, you can hire Smart TV developers or other set-top box experts from our group.


Live streaming apps

We create an unbeatable video on demand and live streaming apps for television that give your viewers a fantastic experience watching the video.


Smart TV App Migration

Smart TV apps have many advantages and disadvantages, such as Google, Apple & Amazon. We offer migration services from one platform to the next.


Smart TV App Testing

A software test team and leaders conduct the highest level of regression and sanity testing on connected TVs.


Smart TV App Maintenance

We will continue to support the app and provide additional maintenance. Our services guarantee the best user experience and max availability.

SmartTV App Development: Everything You Should Know

What are the benefits of Smartt TV app design?

Smart TV apps are a convenient and efficient way to advertise online. On-demand videos provide flexibility and ease of usage to ensure the best possible user experience. VOD lets you stream videos without having to consider geographic locations. VOD is the most popular service because it has a wide range of TV shows and movies. You have access to a wide range of news and movies. Online video on demand has brought new life to video content.

What is the cost of creating an intelligent TV application?

Smart TV applications can be customized to the needs of the user. The price will vary depending on how many features they want to include. Online video ads are more economical than television advertising and reach a wider audience. VOD television and films are cost-effective and take less time to complete than television operators.

Blu Technosoft is a Smart TV App Development Company.

Blu Technosoft has collaborated with over 700 startups and international brands in its 13-year history as a digital innovator. To help you beat your competition, we use the latest technologies and tools. Our service increases user engagement by stream continuously using secure, fast, and specific distribution channels. By mapping the user experience across different devices, we develop innovative strategies to build strong video streaming apps.

Which brands are most well-known that Blu Technosoft has partnered with?

Blu Technosoft is a well-respected name in the industry that has worked with many prominent brands like American Express, Starbucks, Disney, and AXA. Blu Technosoft is a specialist in developing Smart TV apps for businesses of all sizes, including established companies and growing startups.

What does this Smart TV App do for data integrity and security?

Competent TV app developers use the highest standards of organizational management and ethical business practices to protect your data. To ensure the security and safety of every byte and one byte of data that our clients give us, we use the most sophisticated technology in data security.

Do you provide post-launch support and maintenance?

Once the Smart TV app is launched, the fun doesn’t end. To ensure your application is competitive, we monitor its user experience, quality, and effectiveness in the market.

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