Software for financial transactions

Business challenges

The project’s beneficiary is a specialist in providing the financial industry with the latest IT solutions and the expertise to implement systems.

They required a solution using software to ensure compliance with investor regulations and the management of portfolios for clients.

Their objective was to build an application that offered the Financial Services and Investment Management sectors modern technology to centralize, categorize, and examine client data. They have more than one hundred clients across the globe, including some of the largest banks, hedge funds asset managers and fund of funds prime brokers, fund administrators, and commodity trading and energy firms.

Our solution

The solution we designed is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform built upon Microsoft Dynamics CRM consisting of several modules. It helps the final customers to automate and manage the most commonly used and crucial tasks of the financial sector, starting with operating funds, company leads, contacts, and opportunities, to analytics or reporting.

We’ve also been working on a solution allowing automated snapshots of customer or investor-related information using the user-created procedure. Compliance officers can operate online in a web browser. Data is utilized for any compliance process and regulations worldwide, ensuring that due diligence has been carried out and that jurisdictional requirements are met. The new rules can be easily integrated into existing processes, and changes to the client can trigger the required process once more.

Team formation

We are adamant about using Agile methods in most projects we work on. Our clients and partners often want us to implement Agile methodologies ( Scrum, Kanban) right from the beginning of the work. Suppose our engineers make the decision. In that case, we meticulously look over the project details and propose a management method built upon Scrum or Kanban, which is the most appropriate to the needs of the project and the context.

The development team comprises four developers, one team leader based at our offices, and one tester and one lead tester located at the client’s premises. We also collaborate closely with our Client Services team as well as members of the Infrastructure team to provide tech support and maintenance as required.

Utilizing the Agile/Scrum method, We hold daily meetings with our entire team, as well as weekly planning sessions and reviews according to the status of our project

Architecture & Technologies


The backend comprises a REST-based web service that takes messages from a messaging queue. Single-page web applications (SPA) provide a web-based user interface. Windows services can also be used and are integrated into the system through message queues.


  • Dynamics CRM
  • MSSQL using Entity Framework as well as NHibernate
  • ASP.MVC and WebAPI
  • Windows Services using Topshelf
  • RabbitMQ
  • WPF, WF
  • KnockoutJS, RequireJS

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