Quality Assurance & Software Testing Services

Blu Technosoft helps you deliver high-quality software testing that provides the best customer experience. Our highly motivated team will ensure that your software runs smoothly and enhances your customers’ experience.

Quality management and control

We help you to define your quality goals, analyze them and create an action plan to improve the overall quality and performance of the software. This will ensure it meets its performance expectations. Our delivery model defines quality as “a solution perfectly aligned to the client’s business goals.”

Hand Software Testing

Manual testing is when our quality assurance staff reviews your product’s functionality across different devices. We also analyze the usability of the user interface. Manual testing is a great way to identify problems that can’t be detected automatically. This also gives feedback about the design and user experience of the product.

Manual testing can be an excellent tool for your development.

  • This allows you to spot usability and user interface issues that are not easily detected by automated tests.
  • All-new but not stable software should be tested.
  • You can bring a human touch to the testing process and help you understand the experience from an emotional perspective.
  • Assistance in identifying bottlenecks at the beginning of development.

Test automation

Automated testing can be an ongoing investment in your product’s future. Automated testing can test every possible scenario for software functions and can also be used to test the performance of your software on different platforms simultaneously. Combining automated with manual testing can speed up your time to market and help you impress your customers by creating a perfect product.

Benefits of Automated Testing in your development

  • It can efficiently finish repetitive tasks that take time while saving energy and time.
  • This reduces human error and makes testing software more accessible and more secure.
  • Engineers can conduct tests from any location and record the results.

Enjoy the benefits of Quality Control and Management through Avenger

Avenger is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience. We are proud of the quality of the software we offer our customers.

20+ years of Quality Management Experience

You can trust Quality Control for your software, testing, or solutions.

Internal Quality Management Standards

Establish procedures, guidelines, or other documents consistent with industry standards and best practices.

Automation and Agility

Amazing agility. From UX review to a performance evaluation, including security and compliance tests to code reviews testers and DevOps.

Quality Assurance Solutions

Avenger provides full-spectrum quality control and testing services for desktops and mobile apps. We make sure that our users enjoy seamless experiences.


Our desktop engineers will test your entire application structure, analyze it, check its performance under different loads, and perform compatibility tests with hardware.

Blu Technosoft offer the most popular desktop software testing

  • Tests of the functionality
  • Test the backend
  • Test for compatibility
  • Load testing
  • Test GUI features
  • Memory leaks testing


Testing and services are provided for various web-based apps in all forms. These include SaaS, cloud-based, and hybrid. We assist in the development of quality web applications by testing and certifying their compatibility.

We use web testing techniques to test our websites. we employ

  • Test for functionality
  • Test usability
  • Security testing
  • Compatibility tests
  • The interface has been tested
  • Test for Performance


Mobile applications should work seamlessly on every platform and device and provide a user-centric experience. We ensure that mobile apps are as usable, safe, and quality as possible by testing them for mobile.

Mobile Testing is the most popular type of mobile testing we offer

  • Functional Testing
  • Test usability & Test for Compatability
  • Load and Performance tests
  • Security & Installation testing
  • Localization testing
  • Mobile device Testing

Our Quality Assurance services and offerings

We offer both manual and automated testing to ensure you get the best results. We analyze the details of your product and create the most effective solution to your needs.

Software testing services

Automated Testing


Automated testing covers almost all types of testing to provide the best user experience.

  • Functional/UI Testing Web/Mobile/Apps. Also, verifying data displayed at the front end.
  • Mobile Functional and UX Testing. Automate hybrid, native iOS, and Android apps.
  • Desktop Testing is used to improve the relationships between software developers and users.
  • To ensure your system meets the performance standards, test it for performance.
  • Database Testing accelerates data verification and multi-thread automated programming for large amounts of data.

Manual Testing

Manual testing covers almost all types of testing to provide the best user experience.

  • To assess ease of use, Usability Testing uses ISO standards.
  • Security Application Testing can include mobile security testing, web security testing, and API security testing.
  • Compliance testing consists of both process evaluation as well as industry compliance testing.
  • Database tests to assess data quality and migration.
Software testing services

Quality Assurance and Software Testing Stages

Our goal is to ensure uncompromising product quality. These are the phases of our testing process:

UX and Quality audit.

This phase focuses on the user interface UX and provides suggestions for making it more enjoyable.

Evaluation Of Performance

We assess the performance and stability in different contexts and examine its scalability in various loads.

Security and Compliance Tests

We will identify and fix any security vulnerabilities and threats in your system.

Code Reviews

This phase analyzes the consistency and quality of your code. Blu Technosoft offer suggestions for what could be improved or changed.

Software Validation

After development, validation is performed to verify that the final product meets all requirements and performs all functions.

Software Maintenance

You want your software to perform at its best once it is installed. To ensure stability and reliability, we test any modifications you make to your software when you are in maintenance work.

Goals-Driven Automation Framework

More efficient automation, higher quality, and better production benefit businesses. We select the most automated framework for your project based on the company’s objectives.

Expertise certified

We have certified QA engineers with expertise and in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and tools. We are perfectionists in everything.

Automated Testing Procedures

Automated testing is a service that allows you to speed up the time to market and launch the product your customers will love.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration can lower the cost of manual labor. Continuous Integration also allows you to avoid errors in your software.

Metrics Collection

Software testing involves collecting data using different metrics. This allows us to track product progress and  reports on product quality.