Supply chain

Business challenges

The project’s beneficiary was a significant provider in Supply Chain Industry (Warehousing, Logistics, Transportation, Global Forwarding) and had more than 87000 employees across 33 countries.

The goal was to create a Web Portal allowing fresh-goods warehouses of one of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands.

Our solution

We have created an integrated solution to assist the beneficiary in his daily activities. Portal’s purpose is to manage the shipment schedule (delivered from suppliers) and the shipment schedule (paid directly to stores or other warehouses). Different application sections can be accessed depending on who is logged in.

  • The Suppliers and the Customer can see and manage stock in the warehouse.
  • The Transporter plans the outgoing transports. This involves following many business rules specific to the warehouse’s capacity.
  • The main job of the Carriers is to schedule deliveries into the warehouse.
  • Superadmins are responsible for creating new users or organizations within the system.

Establishment of a team

Most of our projects embrace Agile methodologies. Our customers or partners often ask us to adopt Agile methods (Scrum, Kanban) right from the beginning of a project. Our engineers make the final decision. We carefully review the project details and recommend the best project management method based on Scrum and Kanban.

  • Our core team consisted of five people (backend and front end developers) who worked closely with our customers.
  • We have used Agile methods to work in agile. Daily scrum meetings, sprints, and a demo release every two weeks are a few of the Agile techniques we use.

Architecture & Technologies

  • Java8 is used to develop the backend of this portal. It communicates with the portal’s frontend via REST calls. It also communicates via SOAP calls to an external web service that holds most of the data.
  • Technologies: Java 8, Play 2 Java framework, Jackson, Apache CXF, Guice, Guice-Persist, JPA, PostgreSQL, JUnit, Mockito
  • The front is a Single Page Application that was developed with Angular 1.3. Other building blocks: NodeJS/npm Browserify SASS, Gulp.