Custom Solutions to the Transportation, Logistics & Shipping Industry

Transport and logistics company that provides dedicated fleet services to companies in the Food and Grocer and Retail, Consumer Product, and Industrial industries. This company offers logistics and strategic planning to clients with particular service needs.

They can provide challenging routing, scanning, and telematics services that no other carrier can. This is due to their extensive fleet networks and in-depth knowledge.


Logistics engineers at the company use their knowledge to analyze the transport needs of clients to develop strategies and options for improving service and controlling costs. This company has a unique competitive advantage because it can handle complicated routing designs for businesses with time-sensitive delivery requirements.

Many transportation companies use scanning equipment and third-party services providers’ applications to track and route packages. This means only the data the service provider decides to capture or make available to track data can be used. The company was using a leading industry service for this purpose, but they realized they had to make their own. They needed to manage the data captured by scanning as it was essential to their business.

The clients also desired to scale their application faster and easier as they added clients. They could configure time and obtain geocode data that is not yet available by using a custom-engineered device. They could improve their tracking and routing by creating their solution. This would further enhance their competitive advantage. It also allows them to continue building on their reputation of delivering cost-effective, client-centered solutions.


To build the custom app, the company formed a delivery team. They decided to add a senior technologist to their team who could offer specialized expertise and design the code for a series of modules.

They could gain time on their timeline by having an extra pair of hands. The client needed someone who would fit in with their team, be able to take the initiative, dive into their framework and write solid code quickly. To gather requirements, the same person had to be able to communicate directly with subject matter experts in another region of the country.

This company’s leader had previously worked with Blutechnosoft and was familiar with the quality of Blutechnosoft’s work and our team members’ wide range of skills. They needed to fill a vacancy on their team. We were confident that we would change their minds. Some company staff members had reservations about working with an ‘outside firm.’ This leader had never worked for this company before and was trying to stake their reputation on us.


Our team members provided the necessary support to help clients achieve their project goals.

The company’s team discovered that working with Blu Technosoft differed significantly from their previous experiences. It was a positive experience. Clients and their teams appreciate our ability to seamlessly join a team and get solid, timely work done in the first few days.

The initial engagement was short-term, but it grew into a long-term one. Additionally, the scope of work provided grew. The client’s team said they would welcome a Blu Technosoft to their team anytime.

Some of the work that our team members did include:

  • Redesigned the way time was stored and configured
  • Features that use time, such as routing and scheduling accommodations, were more flexible.
  • Developers can now centralize the processing of ‘time’ to enable them to create time-based features quicker and with consistent results.
  • Simple testing

Fill in the gaps of specialized knowledge required for authentication and security.

  • Implemented and designed application security modules
  • Created a custom security strategy to meet the needs of the application

Improved Azure Cloud Environment design

  • Analyzed the resources and services being created for the new application.
  • A set of recommendations for structuring the cloud environment, including enhancements that improve security and performance.

A new way of gathering requirements and building features was implemented

  • Genetic and his business team met for a few minutes to do remote work.
  • UI was designed and demonstrated so the business could make progress and Blu Technosoft could ask questions.
  • Delivered work, adjusted actual code’
  • The business received positive feedback about their approach – they appreciated visibility, collaboration, and seeing progress along the route.
  • Delivering a product that matches the business’ vision