UX & UI Design

UX & UI Design and Consulting Services

Blu Technosoft Design Studio comprises more than ten designers, design experts, UI/UX developers, and researchers.

We have extensive experience in digital solutions across Finance, Healthcare, and Life Sciences, as well as Travel and Hospitality, Media and Entertainment, and Distribution.

Meet Blu Technosoft Design Studio

Our extensive experience in developing both B2B and consumer apps will ensure that you get a solution that is easy to use. We can help you open new markets and propel your business forward with digital solutions.


Our experts use tried-and-true methods for design, prototyping, and product validation. We also provide UI design and development services to create people’s favorite applications.

Blu Technosoft UI/UX specialists seamlessly integrate into the development process to create accessible digital products. Our team has years of experience developing complex B2-B applications and consumer-oriented solutions.

We are a UX/UI design company that follows the latest trends. We work closely with the developers to create the best UX/UI solutions for the internet, iOS, Android, and VR/AR.


UX/UI Design is our specialty. Blu Technosoft UX & UI Design Studio can help you achieve your goals, whether you need an app created from scratch or an update to an existing interface. We will use our decades of experience in UI/UX services to achieve the goal of selecting the best tool and technique.


  • Workshops
  • Needs of businesses
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Personas
  • Sorting cards
  • Focus groups


  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Visual design
  • Data visualization

Evaluate & Implement

  • Test usability
  • Test for emotional response
  • Focus groups
  • Assessment of accessibility
  • Design quality control
  • Iterations


Blu Technosoft Design Studio professionals provide user experience (UX), User interface (UI), and graphic design services for products created from scratch. We can also improve the UX/UI or create digital products. Your app will offer users a simple, visual, engaging, appealing experience.

UI/UX design services

Web UI/UX Design


Design Studio specialists are experts in creating complex interfaces that work with web-based applications. They can also create disruptive user experience (UX) products. Our team can help you develop a variety of user flows that will make your product easy to use and intuitive. We also have the best practices in usability, compatibility, and accessibility.

Data Visualization


Data visualization is also known as Dataviz. It converts measurable information, such as text and figures, into graphs, dashboards, or infographics. Dataviz is the process of comparing data sets to allow users to perform analysis and make decisions based on that data.

Our UX and graphic designers can help you organize complex information into simple, easy-to-understand dashboards. These dashboards will display the data stylishly and elegantly tailored to different user groups. We can assist users in understanding complex or overwhelming data collection visually appealingly as part of UI design.

UI/UX design services
UI/UX design services

Mobile UI/UX Design


Creating a mobile app that provides a pleasant user experience is challenging, and you must balance following established guidelines with modifying procedures to make your app unique. Design Studio professionals have many years of experience designing iOS and Android apps, making smartphones smarter.

User Research


The UX development process starts with understanding the goals and intentions of your customers. Contrary to popular belief, user research is expensive and time-consuming, and it is not worth wasting time on features that users don’t need.

  • In-depth user interviews are conducted to determine if and how users use specific functions.
  • Surveys and questionnaires – to quickly collect qualitative and quantitative data about user’s satisfaction and pain points;
  • You can use usability testing (or guerrilla UX) to modify the heuristics and gain insight from real users.
  • Many User Research methods are available online or offline and can be combined with other design tools.
UI/UX design services
UI/UX design services

Prototyping and Wireframing


Prototypes serve multiple goals. They can serve various purposes.

  • All stakeholders should be represented in the discussion of the application.
  • You can share the idea with others who have used it.
  • Get feedback about your application
  • It demonstrates future applications.

To visualize and implement complex concepts, prototypes, mockups (made using HTML or InVision), animations & wireframes can all be used. Blu Technosoft’s UX & UI Design Studio generally creates wireframes and prototyping after the initial research and formulates the specifications.

Data-Driven Design


A data-driven, user-centric design is built on collecting data from users. Let’s say you already have the data you want to analyze about your app. Experts from UX and UI design agencies can help you to define application performance metrics, install the right analytics tools, collect data, and modify user flow based upon KPIs.

Your digital product should grow based on facts and not speculation. You can also pivot quickly using qualitative and quantitative research in combination with user-generated interviews.

UI/UX design services


UI & UX Consulting focuses on the business objectives and the user’s perspective on qualitative and quantitative data. The UX consultant has extensive industry knowledge.

Blu Technosoft Design Studio professionals have a lot of experience designing UI/UX services. They also have a deep understanding of specific business areas and industries, which gives them an advantage when evaluating apps and providing advice on the best practices.

UX Audit

Clear UX leads to more excellent conversion and customer satisfaction. We recommend regular UX audits to improve your app’s appearance and user experience. Our UX consultant reviews the user flow of your current app and notes any issues. These issues can be prioritized and placed in the backlog according to the urgency and development effort needed to address them. This is an easy way to fix most major usability problems and avoid negative user reviews.Clear UX leads to more excellent conversion and customer satisfaction. Our UX consultant reviews the user flow of your current app and notes any issues. This is an easy way to fix most major usability problems and avoid negative user reviews.

Accessibility Audit

Modern digital applications have been designed to be accessible to all users, including those with disabilities or special needs. Many apps comply with web accessibility guidelines regarding design, markup, and content.

Blu Technosoft designers are inspired by our experience as a UI service provider and create all web applications while adhering to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Our user experience experts review existing solutions to ensure they comply with accessibility standards. We provide detailed reports that include guidelines to improve accessibility and flexibility in application areas.

Workshops for Ideation and Prototyping

Blu Technosoft’s UX/UI design experts lead on-site and online workshops to help stakeholders think about their next app and how to improve an existing one. You can also find workshops such as Design Thinking, Customer Journey Map and Jobs to be Doing, along with Service Blueprint. Our UX designers and will help you define your customers and how they behave in the app and create a vision for the product.


Usability testing is used to identify issues with a system and collect qualitative and quantitative information about users’ satisfaction with it. Blu Technosoft’s Users Experience specialists review the software with representatives of the intended audience or through testing guerilla. They then share proven methods to improve usability.