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Do you wish to update your website without programming? That’s easy! Get the Website developed in WordPress, manage your site’s content yourself, and keep your website up-to-date. WordPress is among the most well-known CMS that lets you build a website or blog with drag-and-drop tools. When WordPress first came out, it was primarily to make it easier to create blogs and was well-liked among bloggers. However, thanks to themes and plugins being developed by contributors and WordPress updates, WordPress is now an open-source platform that can be used to create any Website or web-based application. Many large corporations, like BBC News and TechCrunch, utilize the same platform to power their websites. Because of its versatility, it is common for companies that use WordPress as their backends for business websites, E-Commerce websites, event websites, and more. There is a dedicated team working in WordPress development and can cater to any Website that ranges from a standard business website to an E-Commerce website that is custom-built on the WordPress Platform. We ensure all security procedures are in place before designing customized websites for all our customers.

How to Choose WordPress Development Services

WordPress is among the most well-known platforms for creating feature-rich and efficient websites. It’s free and easy to install and upgrade. Our team of experts is aware of the latest trends in the industry and how they impact your company’s image. With all these elements at heart, our experts can create full WordPress websites that meet your budgetary needs.

Why Choose WordPress Platforms for Your Website?

  • Search Engine Friendly- Websites built on WordPress are search engine friendly, which helps you to reach your prospective customers
  • Stable & Advanced: WordPress is one of the safest platforms and stays current with recent developments and technologies.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: WordPress is an efficient development platform that lets you build your site according to your needs.
  • Customized Website: WordPress lets users personalize their websites and incorporate desired features and plugins.
  • Simplicity: Anyone with no programming knowledge can build a website thanks to its ease of use. The intuitive interface makes it easy for users of all ages.

Key Features

Your Website is made functional and dynamic. The plugins that are light weighted assist in boosting the speed of your Website. The Website’s performance is high, and it loads the site fast. The most user-friendly interface is assured.


Mobile Responsive

Wordpress’s most impressive feature, WordPress, is the responsive WordPress can be used with every device.

Plenty of Widgets

Custom widgets assist users by making it easy to access and integrate wherever on the site.

Bulk Plugins

The most significant benefit of WordPress is the plugins it offers. There are many plugins to choose from that are easy to install.

SEO Friendly

WordPress is equipped with a range of SEO plugins that allow your Website to rank high within a short time in targeted search engines.

Upgrade & Support

CMS keeps you informed when an update or new plugin has been introduced to the system. These updates won’t alter your existing Website’s functionality.

Theme Customization

Customizing and managing an individual WordPress theme is simple for any user since the structure and contents are customizable and restructurable

WordPress Development

WordPress is an extremely powerful platform for publishing. It is packed with an impressive set of features designed to help you make your life as a writer through the Internet as simple, enjoyable, and enjoyable as possible.



WordPress is a fantastic CMS development platform. We are experts in free source CMS development with WordPress.


If you’re looking to switch to WordPress from another CMS, we can ensure that it is smooth and easy by providing unbeatable services.


Improve your Website’s functionality by adding powerful plugins to your site by utilizing our custom-built plugin development.


We will complete the set-up and installation of WordPress and allow you to use the platform to its fullest.


We can create your WordPress website on your behalf. We are sure that you’ll be happy to have us on board with development


Expand your reach to a larger audience with the services of WordPress development that are responsive.


In addition to the development services, you can be assured of high-quality and comprehensive maintenance and support from us.


Create a distinctive website appearance and feel by using our outstanding WordPress template design services.


Enhance your Website’s appearance with a distinctive and appealing design using Our WordPress design and development.

End-to-end WordPress Development Services

As a top WordPress website development firm, Our services are extensive. all the potential development options that are available in WordPress, including:

WordPress Development Services Offered by us.

 The co-founders of our company have more than 10 years of experience in the field of digital marketing. We also have the most skilled developers who design web pages that are responsive and clean using an effortless process-driven process. We place a high priority on mobile compatibility before creating any website.

We also assist businesses in preparing to make the transition to online commerce with WooCommerce. As one of the most reputable WordPress Development Companies in Bangalore, we help businesses create growing WooCommerce stores and migrate their existing shops to WooCommerce.

From commercial websites to personal blogs, Our fully-time WordPress development team will assist you in delivering functional and fully responsive websites that meet your business goals. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now and take your online company to the next level of success!

WordPress Theme Customization

We will show you a selection of WordPress theme designs for you to choose from and walk you through the various options and features. When satisfied, we’ll modify your WordPress website to meet your needs.

PSD to WordPress Conversion

The precise conversion of a creative piece to a WordPress publication requires a mastery of HTML code. Our skilled WordPress experts can expertly convert your high-quality PSD documents into fluid, responsive, and W3C-certified WordPress themes.

Blog Development

Blu Tecnhosoft WordPress development team will create a blog that will attract your readers. The team will assist you in creating sections that will be suited to you.

WordPress Migration & Maintenance service

We offer a full range of support and maintenance. Additionally, we are also proficient at providing migration solutions to WordPress.

WordPress Plugin Development

We offer a WordPress plugin development service that allows you to enhance the functions of WordPress. PHP developers create code and use assets like pictures, CSS and JavaScript and create a WordPress Plugin that will exceed your expectations.

WooCommerce Development

Install your eCommerce store easily with WooCommerce’s WooCommerce Development services. If you choose to build the creation of a new eCommerce site constructed from scratch or would like to convert your current WordPress site to WooCommerce.

API Integration & Customization

To extend the WordPress capabilities on your Website is possible with API for integration. We will ensure a seamless and seamless data sync as well as mobile app integration to your Website.

WordPress CMS installation and configuration

We offer complete CMS installation and configuration. This includes WordPress websites and blog configuration, WordPress design & development, free and paid WordPress design and configuration of themes, and many more

WordPress theme development with responsive WordPress theme

Do you feel that your existing Website isn’t responsive and is distorted on the screen? We provide extremely adaptable WordPress theme development that meets your specific needs.

WordPress eCommerce development

This is the most current WordPress eCommerce development service, i.e., WooCommerce development. Yes! We also provide WooCommerce Development Services.

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